• Flood Restoration Sydney

  • Flood Restoration Sydney
    When we are involved in an emergency situation then it could a very distressing time and we understand that when you need help with flood restoration in Sydney that we have to move quickly to save as much as possible. We have significant experience in apply the latest techniques in water restoration for our Sydney clients.
    Time Is Critical To Minimize Water Damage
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    The single most critical factor in water damage restoration in Sydney is time. It is important that you contact us as quickly as possible so that we can arrange an emergency water restoration Sydney team can be dispatched. It is possible to clean and restore items that have been immersed in water and we have the latest training and equipment to quickly have items restored and dried.
    Flood Damage Restoration Sydney
    Flood restoration in Sydney can be from a broken water pipe or from a flooding event usually involving the failure of local street drains or damage to the roof from a passing storm. All of these are temporary and they usually mean that the items affected have a very good chance of being salvaged.

    Our Flood Restoration Sydney Teams Work with You

    When it comes for water damage restoration our Sydney teams have the knowledge to assess the best way to approach your situation. When the water restoration Sydney team arrives they will quickly give you the options available. They use a triage system to rate the items that have been affected and to assess the relative likelihood of them being saved. In practical terms it means they will look at the items that can be saved and work with you to select the items you most want saved so that they can be prioritised the highest.

    What You Can Do Before We Arrive

    The top tip we have had from the water restoration Sydney team is to immediately move rugs from the affected areas. It is common for people to forget about rugs that they have because of the crisis and they can be rolled up and kept away from wet areas if at all possible. The second way to really help to kick start the work the flood restoration Sydney team is to increase ventilation. The largest problem is not the water itself but the mould that forms from the damp humid conditions. Before the team from water damage restoration in Sydney arrives then opening all the windows and doors is a great way to improve ventilation and they will have commercial fans that will greatly aid airflow during this critical time period.
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    What Cannot Be Saved?

    It is important to understand the health implications of any black water being present as this will mean that items cannot be restored by our water damage restoration in Sydney. Any item that has been contaminated with sewerage can be very dangerous and needs to be disposed of safely.

    Our flood restoration Sydney team leader advises that carpet underlay is normally not salvageable and foam based underlay should be replaced as a matter of course. It is very inexpensive and due to the absorbent quality of the rebounded foam it is almost impossible to salvage without unacceptable risk of mould. Rubber underlays are possible to salvage depending on construction. In many cases they are left until last because other more valuable items are being saved by the flood restoration Sydney team.

    Insurance and Water Damage Restoration in Sydney

    In most cases the use of our professional water damage restoration Sydney team is covered by insurance policies. It is important to contact your insurance company as soon as possible so that they can arrange replacement items and any building work.
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