• What Is Steam Cleaning?

    Carpet steam cleaning is the name that process is known by but in reality it is a hot water cleaning system. The latest machines used by our carpet cleaning company in Sydney minimizes both water and cleaning product use which is good for the environment, good for your carpets and allows us to cheap our prices down.
    These new generation carpet cleaning machines spray the hot water mix into the carpet and then vacuum it out with the operator determining the speed of movement depending on the carpet type, pile thickness and how dirty the carpet is.

    How Much Water Is Left In The Carpet?

    The systems our residential and commercial carpet cleaning company use can recover 95% or more of the liquid used. This makes drying much easier but you should be aware that weather conditions play a large part. Warm dry conditions with low humidity normally allow the carpets to be walked on immediately. Humid wet conditions can mean carpets will take longer to dry particularly if they have already absorbed moisture from the humid air.

    What Precautions Should I Take After Carpet Cleaning?

    Large volumes of air will completely dry the carpets faster so open doors, windows and fans will help. A carpet that is ok to walk on still contains some moisture so using rubber soled shoes that are clean is important. The moisture may make your feet or shoes slippery so be cautious when moving from the carpet to a hard surface such as tiles or wood floors.

    My Pets Have Fleas Will Steam Cleaning Kill Any In My Carpets?

    We highly recommend treating the carpets first to ensure that fleas and eggs are killed prior to our carpet cleaning company in Sydney arriving, for best results. If you are unsure then having a professional pest service visit to do the treatment can ensure peace of mind. Do not forget couches, beds and rugs that your pets frequent or you may have a re-infestation.

    Is Carpet Protection Really Worth It?

    This always depends on your situation. If you have pets, children or the carpet is subject to a lot of traffic then the answer is definitely yes. The latest technology protection coating products our residential and commercial carpet cleaning company use, repel stains giving you time to clean up any spills or accidents before the carpet has time to soak up any stains. Dirt particles and odours are not taken into the fibres so that your carpet is less likely to take up odours and is easier to clean.

    How Do You Get Rid Of Odours Without Replacing The Carpet?

    Many odour control products are nothing more than perfume in a bottle. The only effective ways to remove odours are to use commercial enzyme products available from our carpet cleaning company in Sydney, which actually penetrate the carpet and consume the source of the odour. They do use an odour neutralizer to control odour while the process works over a few days.
    This process will not work if the substance has penetrated to the backing and floor. In this case a carpet installer may be able to replace a small section of the backing and clean off the floor but sometimes it can make sense just to replace the carpet in the room.

    Will The People That Come To Our Home Be Trained?

    Yes, we ensure that all of our team members are fully trained on all of the carpet cleaning and fabric cleaning equipment that they will use. This is essential because while it may look easy it is not and the huge variation in carpet that they are confronted with needs a person that not only is fully trained but that has been supervised until they have experience enough to cope with all conditions. We do this to help our team members employed by our carpet cleaning company in Sydney do a better job and to keep our reputation intact with our valued customers.

    Are The Chemicals That You Use Harmful To The Environment?

    Our range of products that clean, deodorize and protect carpets, fabrics and furniture are all environmentally neutral products. We do have a few harsher chemicals that are only used on removal of stubborn stains. We take our environmental responsibility seriously and have an in place process of equipping all of our carpet cleaning company teams with the most environmentally safe products available, using the minimum amount of water and product during cleaning and minimizing energy use.

    Is Carpet Bad For Asthma Sufferers?

    Carpet steam cleaning can help asthma sufferers because it traps dust and dirt particles. It is very important to vacuum at least twice a week so that there is no build-up of dust and dirt. The carpet should be given a thorough carpet steam cleaning every one to two years depending on traffic, dust and dirt levels. This ensures that carpet does not get overloaded with dust and dirt and continues to act as a trap.

    What Should I Do Before Your Carpet Cleaning Company In Sydney Comes?

    If you can remove any small items from the areas that need carpet cleaning or rug cleaning that will help greatly. This includes any toys, power leads, cushions, footstools and similar items. We can move furniture items but we cannot move delicate, heavy or easily damaged items.

    Is There A Minimum Cost?

    Yes there is like any trades people.  Our time is precious just like yours and if it was agreed for us to come out to steam clean, then there is a minimum call out fee for our time an energy.