• About Us

  • We have strongly grown our carpet cleaning company in Sydney and expanded our range of services so that we can better take care of our customer’s needs. Residential as well as, commercial carpet cleaning is at the core of our service and we ensure that the latest technology is used. This not only gives the most effective cleaning but also uses dramatically less water, cleaning products.

    Sustainability is a big part of our business and we use products that are biodegradable. Less is more in carpet cleaning with the newest techniques saving materials and labour allowing us to offer prices that are value for money with a superior service.

    Service That Makes Our Carpet Cleaning Company in Sydney Stand Out

    Service is our number one priority and having happy, productive people in our teams that know they are doing the best job possible for our customers helps to motivate them to do their best. Training is also important particularly with the latest steam carpet cleaning machines that we have rolled out across our teams. Our residential and commercial carpet cleaning company has the technical knowledge of each process and the extensive training that every new team member goes through is done under constant supervision.

    Our teams are our business and they have a huge amount of cleaning knowledge that helps them to do the best job possible. If you have ever tried to use a home steam cleaning system then you will have an idea how difficult it is. The commercial carpet cleaning machines that we use needs to be carefully adjusted for each carpet type, depth and cleanliness to do the job properly.

    A Carpet Cleaning Company Looks At New Areas and Opportunities

    With the strong expansion of our business new opportunities have presented themselves and we have invested in new equipment and training to take advantage of these opportunities. Protection services for our commercial carpet cleaning company contracts and residential clients have been very popular and the latest carpet and fabric protection products do a very good job of repelling stains and stopping the treated items becoming visually dirty.

    Hard surface cleaning is a new area that adds tiles, paving, stones, driveway and pavement cleaning to the services that we can provide. We can have your hard surfaces looking great fast and at a surprisingly affordable cost. This service also allows us to expand our ability to respond to water and flood damage. This is a welcome service that minimizes damage with a quick response seeing more items being able to be salvaged.

    While we have a long and solid reputation as a leading domestic and commercial carpet cleaning company in Sydney our teams came to us with an idea of looking at the vehicle market. Carpet and fabric cleaning as well as protection for cars have been done by many companies, so we decided to look at all vehicles. We can now clean and protect planes, cars, caravans and boats. Fabric protection has been a revelation for boats, planes and caravans where expensive replacement of stain or odour damaged components was the only option.

    Our Customers Are the Basis of a Successful Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company

    We have expanded our service range extensively but we still understand that the only reason we have a successful carpet cleaning company in Sydney is because of our residential and commercial customers. We are always available if you have a question or a complaint. Everyone makes mistakes and we ask you to contact our head office if you are not happy with any aspect of our service. We also appreciate contact about any of our teams that have gone above and beyond so that we can let them know they are appreciated.